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Hi, I'm Lauren.

The only one of my kind.

Fun fact: I'm the only person in the world with the name Lauren Dagworthy.
This is great for two reasons: firstly - it was super easy to find a domain name. Secondly, it also means I get to write the definition of what a "Lauren Dagworthy" is.

So, I've decided that a "Lauren Dagworthy" is an extremely enthusiastic, collaborative, and creative individual. Lauren Dagworthy's have a diverse skill-set in experience/interaction design and design thinking, as well as an education in marketing and project management. This combination of talents gives the Lauren Dagworthy species the unique ability to shape-shift between creative and corporate while always keeping both the end-user and clients' goals in mind.
Laurens (of the Dagworthy variety) always ground their work within a strong brand vision, and regardless of the platform, they will use whatever tools/techniques necessary to accomplish their projects' goals.

In addition to professional aptitudes, Lauren Dagworthy's also have personal interests as well. Notably playing/coaching ringette, doing yoga, exploring with their dog (Rook), and illustration. They're also big branding and advertising geeks. They will talk to anyone about any or all of these things.

All jokes aside - if a Lauren Dagworthy sounds like what you're looking for, you've come to the right place. Come check out what I can do!